Friday, June 20, 2008

Call For Papers

I've been finding more and more sites similar to this one where Mormons are sharing thoughtful insights on "Post 9/11 American Foreign Policy" (most often with better writing, documentation, and perspective :] ). Initially when I started my blog I hoped to invite writers like that to contribute. Otherwise I would have named my blog "One Random, Often-Uninformed, Busy Guy who Happens to be Mormon and Sometimes Blogs against Tyranny and Obvious Lapses in Governmental Wisdom".

"Mormons for Peace" seemed a better project to bring into the blogosphere.

So anyways, I'd really like to finally invite more writers and participation on this blog. If you've always wanted to pour out your heart and mind about what your nation is doing with your trust, your tax dollars, and in your name – including any insights you might have from a restored gospel perspective – please email me your essay at

Even if you've already cross-posted your essay at Mormon Peace Project or LDSFreemen or some other forum, chances are that at least one person who visits here hasn't seen it (even if it is only me I suppose) – and it can't hurt to get your message and the widening discussion out in other venues.

I don't have any funding to pay for great writing. I don't advertise on my site and don't intend to. (I also don't have any costs other than time since we're hosted on blogspot.) This is simply a labor of love.

If you want to write something and send it, please do! Thank you.

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